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Public Forum November 2008 Released

10/13/08 06:50:25 am

PF Releases

Resolved: That the United States government should implement universal health care modeled after the French system.

Foreword: In the United States 47 million individuals do not have health care insurance. Those individuals receive lower standards of treatment and die prematurely as a result. In France, budget deficits render unsustainable the status quo model of health care. This debate will come down to the fact that the United States has a substantial problem of access and France has an imperfect solution. Will the French model of health care alleviate or exasperate the US’ current distress? Remember in your argumentation to draw direct comparisons between the two nations. It doesn’t matter if France’s health care sets the highest standards in the world if its model is not applicable to the United States. This topic is very policy oriented and will give you a good idea of the problems legislators face in addressing the health care needs of the populace every day.

If you have any questions regarding the files or would like to discuss the topic send me an e-mail at The sooner you ask the more likely I can respond in a timely manner. Otherwise, join the “Public Forum Debate” Facebook group and write your questions or opinions on that forum. Enjoy another month of debate; let me know how it goes!

Michelle Schmit

October Extemp Released: Russia

10/13/08 12:01:06 am

Extemp News

October Issue: Russia & Its Former Republics

Foreword: Recently in the real world (and the extemp world) Russia has been becoming more and more important. Russia is steadily building power, and with the US economy stumbling, many believe Russia could seize the time to pounce. In this edition, you will find analysis on Russia and two its former republics, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Obviously, watching the events that transpire in these countries is critical, because they are all in severely unstable positions right now. Russia continues to stoke flames around the world, and eventually the world will get fed up. Meanwhile, Russia still has to keep hold of its domestic realm as well. The Ukraine has been having particular trouble accomplishing the latter as of late, so it has become vulnerable to international pressures as well. Georgia, of course, was destabilized when Russia . . . you know . . . invaded it. All in all, the region is getting more and more important, so it's imperative to learn a little about it. I dedicated two articles to Russia, because I think it will be a major player in the future and deserves a lot of attention.

Again, ask me anything you like on facebook. I'm always more than happy to answer question. I really like getting to work with individuals. You're in the heart of the season now, so have fun and good luck!

David Kumbroch