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September Extemp Released: Middle East

09/10/08 11:45:32 pm

Extemp News

September Issue: Middle East

Foreword: If you have done extemp before, you know why the Middle East edition has to come first. In this edition, you will find analysis on Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Israel. Obviously, understanding the events that transpire in these countries is critical, because they are some of the most explosive in the world. Afghanistan is still recovering from its governmental change, and despite the lack of attention, is still very important to the US. Iran continues to play the west against itself, stoking the international fires with rhetoric and a controversial nuclear program. Iraq is still a shaky state, and even now few truly understand the happenings in this country. Israel is going through a painful corruption crisis that is troubling both for Israel and the international community. These are very common topics of discussion in politics, but hopefully, this brief can enlighten you by providing insight into the inner workings of these political structures.

Also, welcome to all of my readers! I hope you find what you are looking for with this product! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have, regarding the articles, international politics in general, or just Extemp. Asking questions and learning new things are the only ways to get better, so please, feel free. I am on Facebook, and I should respond fastest if you send me a message there. Please join the Extemporaneous Speaking facebook group as well, so we can foster discussion there too. Best of luck starting your competitive season!

David Kumbroch

October 2008 Released

09/10/08 11:28:56 pm

PF Releases

Resolved: The United States should significantly increase its use of nuclear energy.

Foreword: The debate over nuclear energy in the United States is an entertaining tale of competing environmental interests. Nuclear energy generates electricity. The demand for electricity in the United States will rise sharply over the next two decades. This resolution is a discussion of the strategic approach the energy industry should adopt to increase its supply. Coal-fired plants and natural gas plants are primary providers of electricity, but fossil fuels leave a carbon footprint. Nuclear energy may erase that footprint but it leaves its own radioactive footprint. Nuclear power plants result in the creation of radioactive wastes. Although other issues come into play, the debate over nuclear energy revolves around the issues of carbon dioxide emissions and radioactive wastes, giving the Pro and Con level grounds for argumentation.

If you find you have any questions while reading through the files or feedback on the files, send an e-mail to Also feel free to ask questions or start a discussion at the Facebook group “Public Forum Debate.” If you want to run an argument by a third party or are looking for a specific piece of evidence, contact me and let me know.

Michelle Schmit