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November Extemp Released

11/11/08 08:19:05 pm

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It would seem that there has been a definitive shift in power in the past decade, as it begins to migrate from the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern. While the West still remains the seat of international governance, Asia and the East are quickly building influence. In this edition, you will find analysis on China, North Korea, and Japan. Obviously, watching the events that transpire in these countries is critical, because they are all in very important positions right now. China is attempting to become a world leader, and its pursuit of this goal has been a major topic of international concern and debate. North Korea remains as unstable and is still a focal point of international diplomacy. Japan is attempting to make itself a dominant world power once more, without invoking negative images of old. All told, Asia is growing in importance, and as such, it is growing more imperative that we understand the affairs of the region.

Again, ask me anything on facebook. I'm always more than happy to answer questions. I really enjoy getting to work with individuals. Close out your semester strong!

David Kumbroch


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