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Extemp December Issue Released

12/12/08 07:17:33 am

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Foreword: International attention on Africa has never been stronger, as the world is truly making an effort to resolve some of Africa's issues. Unfortunately, there are definitely still some countries in Africa where it is either dangerous or moving that direction. In this edition, you will find analysis on some of these countries, as it is imperative as an extemper to be able to not only explain these problems, but their solutions as well. In particular, we will look at Somalia, which has long been in disarray but is now catching the attention of international powers because of its involvement with recent incidences of piracy. Zimbabwe is also on the verge of complete collapse, as the government is floundering amid an economic disaster. Meanwhile, Sudan is home to the world's worst humanitarian crisis, and the Congo is the world's deadliest war since WWII. Hopefully, the international community will help to resolve these conflicts before they get worse.

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David Kumbroch