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April 2011 Issue Released

03/20/11 08:53:25 pm

PF Releases

Resolved: The United States federal government should permit the use of financial incentives to encourage organ donation.

Foreword: This topic is challenging, because it attempts to balance the important interests of desperate patients, grieving families, and needy donors. The current system is undeniably broken; thousands of patients are dying each year from organ failure, while at the same time, life-saving organs are being burned and buried. There is no question that a policy change must be instituted, but this particular policy may cause more problems than it solves. The purpose of this topic is awareness, and in addition to participating in the debate, you can take the small step of registering yourself as a donor, and encouraging your friends and family to do the same.

If you are interested in a position as a researcher at Finalist Files, please contact me at Thank you to those of you who have responded already, I’ll be in touch. Good Luck with your last month of debating before Nationals!

Michelle Schmit