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Extemporaneous Speaking
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March 2011 Issue Released

02/15/11 07:20:43 am

PF Releases

Resolved: North Korea poses a more serious threat to United States national security than Iran.

Foreword: This topic is a disappointing selection on the part of the Forum community. North Korea and Iran both pose a threat to U.S. security; to say that the threat posed by North Korea outweighs that of Iran has no impact, because the U.S. will continue to counter both threats simultaneously. Further, the research burden presented by this topic is enormous. To engage in a comparative analysis of North Korea and Iran within the time constraints of a Forum round will result in a gross oversimplification of the issues on both sides. Lastly, this topic (like so many other Forum topics) does not give students an opportunity to discuss potential solutions to looming nuclear proliferation. To invest so much time learning the details of the North Korean and Iranian nuclear programs, without evaluating solutions, so that you can make a meaningless determination as to which threat is greater, is an unjustifiable expenditure of energy.

On a different note, I would like to make a dent in our 9.8 percent unemployment rate, so if you are interested in conducting preliminary research for Finalist Files, please send me an e-mail at I am looking for undergraduate students, but if you are a senior and would like to remain involved in the debate community post-graduation, you may still contact me and we will discuss the 2011-12 academic year.

Michelle Schmit