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April 2010 Released

03/19/10 11:01:00 pm

PF Releases

Resolved: On balance, government employee labor unions have a positive impact on the United States.

Foreword: This topic is timely in that it addresses the faltering financial positions of local, state, and federal governments. 2009 was the first year that public sector unionization exceeded union density in the private sector. The Pro will argue that public sector unions work to expand the middle class in the United States. By affording more individuals purchasing power, the U.S. will build a more resilient economy in the future. The Con will argue that government deficits are ballooning under the pressure of employee compensation packages. Public unions are bankrupting the public sector. The majority of the evidence is weighted toward the Con which will result in more creativity on the Pro.

Congratulations to those who have qualified to the national tournament, and good luck to those who are still competing. If you have questions, my email is or you can contact me on Facebook through the Public Forum Debate group.

Michelle Schmit