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Public Forum NFL Nationals Released

05/16/09 04:26:34 pm

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Resolved: That the United States should normalize relations with Cuba.

Foreword: Congratulations on qualifying for the National Tournament! This topic is challenging. It will require you to understand the history of the relationship between the United States and Cuba as well as Cuba’s internal political environment. The U.S. has maintained a comprehensive economic embargo against Cuba for five decades and diplomatic relations between the countries have been suspended during the same time frame. The goal of the embargo is to isolate Cuba and precipitate regime change. The embargo has failed to bring about a democratic revolution on the island, but is now the time the reverse our policy approach in favor of normalization? I always receive many questions on how you should approach the national tournament. If you intend to win, spend the next month reading everything you can. Be more informed than your opponent, and put your information in context. The strategy guide should have you well on your way.

If you have any questions or want to run ideas by me, send an e-mail to or write on the “Public Forum Debate” Facebook Group wall. The earlier you get your questions to me, the more time I will be able to spend on a response. I will also be at the national tournament so make sure you stop by the Finalist Files table at registration and throughout the week. Finally, if you are a junior or underclassman, consider attending debate camp this summer! I will be teaching at Florida Forensics Institute in Fort Lauderdale July 17-31.
I look forward to watching you in the final round!

Michelle Schmit