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Public Forum February 2009 Released

01/11/09 11:33:31 am

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Resolved: That, on balance, the rise of Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) has had a positive impact on the United States.

Foreword: The breadth of this topic is daunting. You must choose the most relevant information and formulate it into a case theory. Without a theory, your information will be too piecemeal to win a round. I formulated my personal theories in the Pro and Con strategies but the following evidence lends itself to a multitude of interpretations and perspectives. The heart and soul of this topic is simple. The BRIC nations are emerging economic powerhouses. The benefits of growth are widespread. Companies in the BRIC nations are competing to increase the efficiency of the world’s marketplaces. The citizens of the BRIC nations have become significant consumer markets. But economic success is closely followed by political clout and military prowess. It is no secret that the leaders of the BRIC nations do not subscribe to the United States’ view of the world. The rise of other nations could threaten the U.S. realm of influence in the status quo.

This topic is complex so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me with questions. I really enjoyed putting this packet together and I’d love to hear your thoughts. My email is You can also message me on Facebook through the “Public Forum Debate” group. Good Luck!

Michelle Schmit