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NFL Nationals Released

05/20/08 10:48:52 am

PF Releases

Resolved: US policies established after September 11, 2001 have substantially reduced the risk of terrorist acts against the United States.

Foreword: The NFL National Debate Tournament is the perfect forum to engage in conversation on a topic this important to the landscape of America. The topic is broad; “US policies” refer to either foreign or domestic initiatives. It can be narrowed by focusing on the term “against the United States.” The topic does not ask you to address terrorism everywhere, but instead allows you to focus on the terrorist network that poses the greatest threat to US national security, al Qaeda. September 11 remains a close memory for all of us. To win this tournament, you need to inform yourself so you are capable of answering the points you did not expect and you need to be able to approach a topic like this passionately but reasonably.

This edition of Finalist Files is like every other, but because it is the national tournament, I will be sending a supplement within the week. I am in the process of carding the evidence I did not include in the strategies and arranging them in blocks as answers. In addition, if you need help or have questions e-mail or write on the “Public Forum Debate” Facebook wall. I will be hosting practice rounds at nationals the Saturday and Sunday evenings before competition begins. The rounds are casual and for throwing ideas around so ask your coaches and send me an e-mail to arrange a time. In addition, if you are interested in attending a Public Forum debate camp this summer, I will be teaching at the Florida Forensics Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in mid-July. E-mail me for more information. I will be at the National tournament again this year so stop by the Finalist Files table at registration and say hi. Good Luck to everyone!

Michelle Schmit

CFL Nationals 2008 Released

05/01/08 05:39:32 pm

PF Releases

Resolved: That the US Government should increase social services for indigenous peoples in America.

Foreword: The US Government has had a unique relationship with its indigenous population for decades. In 1831 Chief Justice Marshall defined American Indian and Alaskan Native tribes as “domestic dependent nations.” When the federal government removed vast expanses of land from the Native Americans by force, it promised to protect the right to self governance and provide for the health, education, and economic well-being of tribal members. Today there is an undeniable disparity between the standard of living of America’s natives and that of the general population. The question the resolution poses is how should the federal government proceed to effectively address the needs of its native communities? Should the government simply direct more money to Native American social service programs, or is the answer to development more creative, and less expensive than that?

Congratulations on making it the CFL national tournament. Feel free to join the “Public Forum Debate” facebook group and contribute to the ongoing discussion on this topic. Direct any questions on the files to that forum or to Good Luck at the tournament, I look forward to seeing the majority of you at the NFL national tournament next month!

Michelle Schmit