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March 2008 Released

02/11/08 09:42:01 am

PF Releases

Resolved: The US system of presidential primaries is contrary to democratic values.

Foreword: A topic about the United States presidential primaries will be very educational; I for one, had no idea what the process entailed. And what better time to learn? But with that in mind, I believe you will notice that the articles published on the primary system are heavily biased toward the Pro position. In addition, even the multitude of Pro articles failed to present comprehensive arguments. As a result, I urge you to pay close attention to the strategy portion of the files this month. I spent a lot of time collecting relevant information and interpreting the information independently; if I were you, I would do the same. This packet is very heavy on evidence but I think the numbers are persuasive. Also keep in mind the Pro is a lot of theory and the appropriate Con answers are contradictory examples of fact. Good luck reading!

If you’re looking for case or topic advice, feel free to direct your questions to or send a Facebook Message to Michelle Schmit. I spend more time responding to specific questions so let me know what it is you need. Also make sure you join the “Public Forum Debate” Facebook group where there is always a discussion on the topics. In addition, if any of you are interested in attending a Public Forum Debate Camp this summer, send me an e-mail or Facebook message and I can pass along some helpful information. I know this is a national qualifying month for many of you so let me know if you’ll be attending nationals!

Michelle Schmit