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December 2007 Released

11/10/07 10:10:58 pm

PF Releases

Resolved: That the United States would be justified in pursuing military options against Iran.

Foreword: This resolution is unique in that it recognizes a problem and asks you to identify the policy option that will most effectively address it. The problem referred to is Iran. In 2003, UN inspectors found that Iran’s nuclear development program has been in violation of international law for three decades. Iran’s enrichment of uranium and plutonium production are at issue as Iran is illegally attempting to build a nuclear weapon. In addition, the United States has deemed Iran the world’s most active sponsor of terrorism. There is also evidence that Iran is supporting insurgent groups in Iraq and Afghanistan. President Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric has done little to ease the concerns of the international community.

The question is, what policies should the US pursue to alleviate the threats posed by Iran before Iran possesses a nuclear weapon? There are three basic options. The first two, diplomatic engagement and economic sanctions, would fall into the Con side of the debate. The third, military engagement, is advocated by the Pro. All three have advantages and disadvantages so the debate should be lively.

If you have any specific questions on the files, cases theories you want a second opinion on, or someone to review your case, send me an e-mail at or a Facebook message to Michelle Schmit. Also, I encourage you to join the “Public Forum Debate” group of Facebook. The 320 members actively discuss the topics each month through that forum. Good Luck debating!

Michelle Schmit