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November 2007 Released

10/10/07 09:26:32 pm

PF Releases

Resolved: That eliminating United States government budget deficits should be prioritized over increasing domestic spending.

Foreword: The debate over the significance of the federal budget deficit is central to the development of the United States’ macroeconomic policies. It is also a very complicated issue area. Those who support a balanced budget and those who are willing to run deficits for the sake of spending hold the same long term goal: sustained economic growth. The winner of this debate will be the team that comprehends the economic theories behind the points and can project that understanding to the judge. On the Pro side, the strategy directs you to advocate for a balanced budget to prevent the devaluation of the dollar, a hike in interest rates, and the heavy influence of foreign nations over the US economy. The Con side is willing to run the minimal risks the Pro presents to increase federal public investments. The Con argues the returns on the investments will outweigh the risk.

I understand that debating economics before the majority of you have ever had an Econ course is difficult but this topic is very relevant and worth learning. If you have any questions on the Files, where to find additional evidence you may be interested in, or other case theories, e-mail me at or send a Facebook Message to Michelle Schmit. Also feel free to join the “Public Forum Debate” group on Facebook. An in depth conversation over this topic is already taking place in that group.

Thanks to all of you who have let me known how rounds have gone this year. Good Luck this month.

Michelle Schmit