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2007 Nationals Packet Released

05/29/07 06:05:08 pm

PF Releases

Here is the 2007 NFL Nationals Release!


Foreword: I’m sorry for the delay in the release of the Nationals Finalist Files; the NFL wording committee had some difficulties stringing 13 words into one topic. Despite the topic confusion, I think the Public Forum Debate community was expecting a discussion on gun policies in the United States in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre in April of this year. The debate is one in which the Pro and Con have the same goal; to reduce fatalities and injuries from gunshot wounds. Yet both sides vehemently disagree on the means. There is no shortage of evidence so lively debates should ensue.

Because Finalist Files is trying to live up to its name, we are offering free additional help in the few weeks before and during the National tournament. You are welcome to send your cases to and I will review them and send you back any suggestions I have. The earlier you send your case the more time I will be able to spend on it. I will also be attending the tournament along with three other Finalist Files representatives. We will have a table at registration and at the schools you will be debating at so please stop by and say hi or ask any last minute questions. I also know most of you have not debated in a few months so Finalist Files will be holding practice rounds on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evenings. If you are interested in being paired against a random team to hold a practice debate, e-mail your request and preferred time to as soon as possible. I think it will be helpful for you to get additional perspectives before the competition. We will also hold practice debates on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for the teams that break so if you will be advancing and are interested at that time, again e-mail and we will arrange it. Lastly, I will be watching rounds throughout the tournament along with three other Finalist Files representatives so if you would like me or them to watch your round and tell you what we thought, again e-mail me your team identification so I can do so. We will do our best to help everyone that requests it but because we are anticipating a high demand, we will run it on a first come first serve basis. That should be all. Congratulations on qualifying for nationals and Good Luck!

Michelle Schmit

2007 Nationals Topic

05/21/07 09:26:25 am

PF Releases

Resolved: That the private ownership of handguns should be banned in the United States.

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