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October topic released!

09/10/06 08:41:21 pm

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The October Topic is ready for purchase!

I must say that I am impressed by this month’s topic. The NFL has taken the initiative to address the issues of our day. In March, April, and May of this past year, the immigration issue exploded as a result of legislation being discussed in the House and the Senate. I can see the misconceptions in round already regarding said legislation. None of it has been passed, so it is not law! Nonetheless, thousands protested on both sides of the issue across the nation.

Considering the strong feelings this topic invokes, you have to treat the subject as touchy; offending the judge isn’t the way to win. Make this topic about the facts, about the evidence. Do not slip into the realm of race, social class, or the much hyped “American Dream.” I don’t cover any of it in this packet because I don’t care- it’s not what this issue is about. I’m not one for political correctness but nonetheless, remember that “illegal Mexicans” is not synonymous for “illegal immigrants” and “illegal aliens” isn’t the friendliest terminology.

Have another great month debating. As always, you can e-mail me or write on the FF Forum with questions and comments. Let me know how it goes.

Michelle Schmit

October Topic

09/01/06 08:29:43 am

PF Releases

Resolved: Current immigration laws in the United States should be enforced.