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Sample Finalist File - The Con that won Nationals

07/14/06 01:42:36 pm

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>>Download My Nationals File!

This is the Con case I researched for the 2006 NFL National Debate Tournament in Grapevine, Texas for the final round. We won the round on an 8-3 ballot. It includes 47 pages, 15 articles, it is the extent of the evidence I used to support my case. It looks long but only the highlighted portions are actually in my case. The rest of the article is provided for context only.

The Finalist Files will be set up in a similar manner every month (with the addition of the Pro side as well). I will file the evidence in the pertinent order that I would write the case. I will also highlight the evidence that I find to be the most useful. Rather than providing evidence in strictly card form, I will provide the entire context of the article. By eliminating irrelevant portions and highlighting the most significant portions the debater can fully understand the perspective of the author. It also looks considerably more professional to present if you are ever asked for your evidence during a round (frequently occurs at the national level).

Notice my evidence centers primarily on statistical analysis. I have found that numbers are very persuasive (read the paragraph on economic repercussions in our Con case)! The tag lines are also very specific; the article will always contain what the tag line says it does. Read through the file, Good Luck debating.

Michelle Schmit