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September 2008 Released

08/26/08 09:45:23 am

PF Releases

Resolved: That the United States should implement a
military draft.

Foreword: A Military Draft is an interesting issue to be debating at this junction in time; two months before the 2008 Presidential Election you will be talking about the one issue no one else is. But with the idea of a draft aside, the state of America’s Armed Forces, specifically the Army and its Reserves seven years into the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq could not be more relevant. This topic, albeit in a round-about way, lends itself to a discussion of the recruitment and retention policies of the United States military in a post-911 world. You must understand the military’s past; the draft-era of Vietnam. You must understand the military now, the All Volunteer Force and its current missions in the Middle East. And you must understand the challenges that the military will face ten years down the road.

Welcome to the new Finalist Files readers, especially those I had a chance to meet at Nationals. If you or your students need any additional help on this topic please e-mail me at In addition, make sure you join the “Public Forum Debate” Facebook Group where a discussion of this topic is already underway. I take questions on that Forum as well as questions sent via Facebook message. I’m easy to get in contact with so run your ideas by me. Good Luck this month!

Michelle Schmit


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