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November Packet Released!

10/10/06 06:01:42 pm

PF Releases

As you probably noticed, this topic is vague so you have a lot of different ways to approach it. I personally think “multinational diplomatic efforts” is primarily referring to the situations with Iran, North Korea, the Israeli Lebanese war, and the war on terror/war in Iraq. That is a lot of foreign policy issues to tackle in one topic so my apologies for the long strategy packets but my aim was to inform you on each situation individually. Because of the flexibility of the topic, teams might pull out some pretty random stuff. If I was debating, I would make sure the focus remained on the real issues… those in this packet. Nuclear warfare and terrorism are specifically US interests because they threaten our well being and are the most pressing issues the US faces.

The overwhelming majority of the evidence included in this packet is dated within the last two months. I’m not usually big on making the debate an evidence war centered on dates but you need to pay close attention to when the other team’s evidence was written. I have revised this packet some five times because what is true today is not necessarily true tomorrow (North Korea is not helping the situation). Updates will be sent out automatically if the world front drastically changes any time soon which to be honest, I’m expecting (UN decision on North Korea on action against North Korea).

When reading this packet you should start with the Con (at least the strategy packet) because I wrote it first so it includes the majority of the background information. I’ve received a lot of questions on this topic already so just remember you can ask at and there is also a Public Forum Debate group on Facebook where students discuss the topic too, you’re all welcome to join. This topic is difficult and I think it will come down to who is informed and who is not. Have yet another great month debating.

Michelle Schmit


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