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NFL Nationals 2010 Released

05/26/10 07:42:15 am

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Resolved: Current trends in American political dialogue compromise meaningful democratic deliberation.

Foreword: Congratulations on your participation in nationals! This topic was chosen as a reaction to President Obama’s speech at the University of Michigan’s commencement. You will find my arguments below, but I would like to take this time to offer advice specific to this topic. I do not believe that definitions are a means to winning this debate. There are only so many ways to define “compromise” to your benefit. You truly will compromise meaningful deliberation if you water down the spirit of this debate to argue over terms. The national champions will win on substance, not because they are walking dictionaries. Additionally, this debate is highly politicized. To win, you must remain a neutral observer, favoring neither the democratic or republican parties. You must not isolate your judge. Finally, you should seek out unique evidence. The best evidence for this topic is not on the internet. It is contained in books authored by political scientists. Take a trip to your local bookstore, split the books with your partner, highlight, and take the books with you into rounds. I promise it will pay off.

I again apologize for the tardiness of this release. The good news is that although I graduated college this spring, I will be attending law school next year and I will continue to write the Finalist Files. I am also hiring supporting researchers in order to release my files in a more timely fashion next year. If you have any questions prior to nationals, feel free to contact me at If not, I will be present at nationals so stop by the Finalist Files table during registration. Good Luck!

Michelle Schmit


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