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March Packet Released

02/10/07 03:17:10 pm

PF Releases

March should be an exciting month of debate. This topic comes as Congress is discussing credit card company practices, a debate that seems overdue. Credit in America has expanded to unprecedented levels, and the expected effects differ depending on who you talk to. Has credit led to the growth of the economy? Is credit a means of investment? Or is debt leading to bankruptcy filings, a negative savings rate, and an economic recession? There are economists, statistics, and theories on both sides of the debate. I encourage you to read the entire packet (not just the strategy guides!) because the packet contains context, additional answers, and strong evidence.

Many of you have told me that this is your national qualifying topic so good luck in those tournaments. Let me know how it goes. As always, your questions, comments, results, and feedback are welcome at the Finalist Files Forum as well as the “Public Forum Debate” Group. I also respond to e-mails at my Finalist Files account as well as Facebook messages.


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