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January 2009 Released

12/11/08 08:48:20 pm

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Resolved: That, by 2040, the federal government should mandate that all new passenger vehicles and light trucks sold in the United States be powered by alternative fuels.

Foreword: This topic raises important questions about which direction automakers should take their production lines. With the bailout of American auto-companies being hotly debated before Congress, this issue is at the forefront of the discussion. America’s transportation sector is heavily reliant on oil, most of which is imported from foreign countries. In addition, the combustion of oil has negative environmental impacts. The Pro and Con are going to agree that moving this country beyond its oil dependence is a positive goal. But is it achievable? Is it achievable within the given time frame? Should the government mandate what U.S. companies have to produce, and what consumers should purchase? These questions are all embodied in this somewhat muddled resolution. This topic is over-encompassing; if you keep sight of the big picture you’ll debate well.

Feel free to direct any questions you have on the files or the general topic toward Please join the “Public Forum Debate” Facebook group and join 655 other debaters in discussing this topic. Happy Holidays! Enjoy debating this month

Michelle Schmit


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