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December Evidence Packet Released!

11/10/06 04:37:08 pm

PF Releases

I find this topic relatively interesting because this is a current nationwide debate that will most directly affect you. Sometime between now and four years from now, the majority of you will be subject to the application process over which you are currently debating. After reviewing this packet you should be the most well educated applicants of all time.

Before approaching the topic at hand, a distinction in terminology is necessary. Early decision admissions programs refer to programs in which an applicant applies early and receives a decision by December. Early decision programs are binding so the applicant is obligated to revoke all other applications and sign a contract to attend the college or university of which he or she has gained acceptance. Early action admissions programs are programs in which the applicant submits an application early, receives a reply by December, yet has until the regular deadline to reply. Early action is nonbinding and still allows students to submit additional applications to other schools. The resolution is referring to early admissions programs, including both early decision and early action within its scope.

Once again I’d like to inform all new subscribers that I’d love to hear from you. Questions, feedback, and results can all be submitted on our FF forum at or at the Facebook group “Public Forum Debate.”
Don’t be afraid to take this topic beyond the obvious. This packet is detailed and pushes the parameters; use the evidence and make concrete arguments. Good luck in yet another exciting month of debate.
Michelle Schmit


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