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December Issue Released

11/14/10 07:19:29 pm

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Resolved: Cyberbullying should be a criminal offense.

Foreword: December’s topic will give you the opportunity to consider the purposes of punishment in the criminal legal system, and also to examine the challenges students have faced in light of the explosion of social media. This topic is timely, given the national spotlight on cyberbullying following the suicides of many young victims. Cyberbullying is a problem, but is involving the criminal legal system an appropriate solution? The strategy guide will provide you with the legal foundation that you need to structure your arguments, and begin to think about whether the solution to cyberbullying lies in schools, at home, in the civil legal system, or in criminalization.

Direct questions on the topic to or the “Public Forum Debate” Facebook page. Good luck and enjoy debating!

Michelle Schmit


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