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December 2009 Released

11/16/09 08:34:47 pm

PF Releases

Resolved: That merit pay based on student achievement should be a significant component of K-12 teacher compensation in United States public schools.

Foreword: I know a topic is good when after a week of research I am personally unable to choose a side. I am persuaded by the big picture the Pro presents. I believe the goal of teaching is to contribute to student learning and I believe that teachers should be held accountable to taxpayers, to parents, and ultimately, to their students for their performance in the classroom. But I am also persuaded by the more nuanced perspective of the Con, that teaching effectiveness cannot be measured, and that learning is about more than test scores. I think you should be aware that there may be some judging bias this month. Most of your judges are teachers, and teachers have strong feelings on pay-for-performance. Make sure you present your side reasonably and fairly.

If you have any questions or need help this month, send an e-mail to or write on the “Public Forum Debate” Facebook wall. Good Luck!

Michelle Schmit


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